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Learn how to thrive, not just survive, whilst living in harmony with your surroundings.

For those familiar with camping and leaving no trace, or if you are looking to build upon skills learnt in our Bushcraft & Survival course, our Advanced Bushcraft weekend will give you the chance to go beyond the basics of fire, water and shelter, deepening knowledge and learning new skills to give you confidence in your abilities to thrive in the natural environment.

Bow drill fire lighting on the Advanced Bushcraft Weekend


Building upon our Bushcraft & Survival Weekend, new skills are introduced and others are further developed. 
We will build natural shelters, which you can sleep in if you wish, make a raised bed with a self-feeding fire, and this will include sourcing the timber we need, covering Axe use felling small trees and Knife work and safety.

Fire lighting will be re-visited, with a focus on the bow drill technique and cook fires.  Natural navigation will be introduced, along with wildlife track interpretation, bark craft work, safe axe use, working with withies, tree ID and uses, and wild foods.

This course is aimed at people who are already proficient at fire lighting with a flame, and are ready to take their skills further in fire, water and shelter.  Bow drill friction fire lighting form the main focus for fire lighting skills, so some familiarity with leave no trace camping and fire lighting will be assumed.  

A lot of material is covered but the atmosphere is relaxed with teaching conducted to a tried and tested formula of practical demonstration and dedicated hands on time for you to master each skill. There is also downtime in the schedule where your instructor will be on hand to assist with any particular skills you wish to work on further.

By the end of the advanced bushcraft weekend course you will have the confidence that comes from the knowledge that you can thrive outdoors, even in adverse conditions, with skills that work in harmony with the natural environment.

As with all our courses, our woodland camp is focused around a covered area with communal fire and kettle. Tea, coffee, squash and water are available at all times in the camp kitchen brew box, free of charge.  We also have a composting toilet on-site for your comfort.

"Very informative weekend that was well delivered and responsive to the knowledge and interests of the participants."


Arrival is 1900 on Friday evening giving you time to settle in, set up camp and meet your fellow students. There will also be a briefing from your instructor's.


On Saturday and Sunday your instruction will start at 9am learning and practicing a range of skills all day Saturday, and until 1600 on Sunday.


Course content can vary depending on the season and natural resources available but includes:


  • Fire by friction (bow drill method)

  • Fire management, Fire lays and self-feeding fires

  • Tinder preparation and selection

  • Modern shelter systems (tarp configurations)

  • Shelter construction, different types of natural shelter

  • Natural cordage

  • Bark craft work

  • Camp craft

  • Safe knife use and maintenance

  • Bushcraft saws, selection, care and safe use

  • Axe selection, care and safe use

  • Heat & cold injuries

  • Animal tracks & feeding sign

  • Natural Navigation - Using the sun, the stars, plants, trees, the weather and the land to determine direction and navigate without modern aids.

  • Outdoor hygiene

  • Camp cooking

  • Clothing systems & equipment

  • Wild food

  • Plant & tree identification & their uses

Camp craft skills on the Advanced Bushcraft Weekend


"Second course with Graham, loved it. His knowledge is immense but makes it fun and accessible through humour, enthusiasm and gentle persistence.

Will be coming back for more courses in the new year."



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