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At Polaris Wilderness Adventure Ltd we recognise that our activities have an impact on the local, national and global environment. Our Environmental and Sustainability performance is regularly reviewed to minimise and eliminate any negative impact our activities have.

Our courses provide an opportunity to educate our clients in ways we can interact sustainably with the natural environment and minimise our individual impact. 

We will lead by example in adhering to an ethos of leaving no trace of our presence in the natural environment, by:

5.1 ensuring all litter is taken away, and properly recycled or disposed of, as appropriate. We will also actively encourage clients to bring reusable rather than disposable items.

5.2 Siting fires appropriately, managing and extinguishing them safely and leaving no trace of the campfire when we leave a site

5.3 Minimising vehicle impact on the wilderness

5.4 Minimising the impact of pedestrian access/traffic, and ensuring students and staff do not inadvertently stray onto private land.

5.5 Ensuring the activities of our staff and students don’t disturb/disrupt any site designated as a SSSI, or any protected species.

5.6 Ensuring adherence with the provisions of the Countryside and Wildlife Act, local environmental policy and legislation.

5.7 Gathering foods and materials in a sustainable way with consideration to how our actions will affect how plants and trees we harvest will heal and replenish.

5.8 Enforcing a designated smoking area within the camp, for the benefit of all, and asking for all discarded cigarette butts to be burnt on the fire.

5.9 Actively promote a “Leave No Trace” ethos in all activities.

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