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We work with a number of schools from across Hertfordshire, both at our own site and on school grounds, as well as working with home school groups.. We provide a range of activities from Bushcraft and survival skills such as fire lighting and shelter building, to wood carving, plant and tree identification, animal track interpretation and much more. We use remote trail cameras to allow students to see what nocturnal wildlife emerges when they go home from the woods.

Children can also be introduced to the ancient technologies of the stone and bronze ages, where we can also provide in-school historical sessions such as flint knapping workshops.
We also enable school groups to achieve the John Muir Award through a programme of bespoke activities..


We are approved to deliver the John Muir Conservation Award, which is an excellent opportunity to get young people involved in nature and the outdoors. The award scheme requires groups to Discover, Explore and take steps to Conserve a wild place and to then share their experiences. 


This process teaches students a lot about wildlife and natural ecosystems, and introduces ideas of conservation and sustainable living in a practical way, whilst providing a clear structure and recognition at the end of the project in the form of a certificate from the John Muir Trust for each student completing the award.


As well as working with schools, we also work with other organisations to provide a range of activities, training weekends and workshops, either at our woodland site, or at client events.

We provide training to Scouts and Scout Leaders (our Chief Instructor, Graham is fully CRB'd through the Scouts), and is able to work unsupervised on scout sites, run overnight camps etc.

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Set in a 45 acre ancient woodland with a great diversity of trees, plants and wildlife, your camp is entirely private with no footpaths other public access to the site, making an ideal and safe outdoor learning environment. 
The classroom itself consists of a covered teaching area, with a central campfire and seating around the edge on tree stumps. There is also a separate covered kitchen area and raised cook fire for cooking activities, and we keep a kettle on the fire and provide hot and cold drinks for staff and students.
There is also an eco toilet on site, and ample secure parking.


We are also able to provide archery instruction to groups (and individuals), either as a stand alone activity or as part of a range of activities within a day visit. Our staff are GB Archery qualified instructors and all equipment is provided.

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"A marvellous day out with Polaris. The instructor named Graham and his group is fantastic! Very knowledgeable, trustworthy and just plain great at teaching! They kept our group of kids and youngsters engaged for the whole day! I highly recommend Polaris adventures for anyone who is open for a fun weekend while learning something useful. Thank you very much


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