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Bushcraft Survival Weekend


Learn how to thrive, not just survive, whilst living in harmony with your surroundings.

Whether you are a complete beginner or someone who is looking to put knowledge of the fundamental bushcraft skills into practise, the Bushcraft & Survival weekend covers the essential techniques to live in the outdoors confidently and as comfortably as possible.

Our base is deep within ancient mixed broadleaf and coniferous woodland, with an expedition-style teaching environment and eco-friendly composting toilet. Under cover, the communal camp fire area has a hot kettle constantly over the fire with coffee, tea, squash, and water freely available at all times. The course is self-catering, with the ability to cook over a fire or gas stove.   

Bushcraft weekend


We will go into depth into the critical areas of Shelter, Fire and Water.  You will be given expert instruction and demonstrations and there will be plenty of time dedicated for you to apply and develop your skills throughout the course under the friendly guidance of our instructors.

Whilst woodland camping over 2 days and 2 nights, you will have the opportunity to try out modern tarp and hammock sleep systems or you can choose to stay in your own tent.  

You will master that most fundamental skill for self-reliance, making fire, in any conditions.  From this point you then have warmth, light, the ability to cook, and to purify water.

You will learn how to find water, make it safe and ensure that all of your activities leave no lasting trace on the environment.

On the Saturday night, should you choose to, you can experience sleeping in your own natural shelter as our ancestors did, with the added luxury of a sleeping bag of course, plus we’ll provide you with a bivy bag to keep you dry and comfortable!

If you do not have a tent or tarp of your own, let us know in advance and we can arrange to lend you one for the course (on a first come first served basis).  We do not wish lack of equipment to restrict the opportunity for others to enjoy the outdoors.

As we move through the woodland you will be taught how to identify the plant and tree species we encounter and how to harness their natural gifts, be that food, medicine or materials such as cordage, tinders and more.


Arrival is 1900 on Friday evening giving you time to settle in, set up camp and meet your fellow students. There will also be a briefing from your instructor's.


On Saturday and Sunday your instruction will start at 9am learning and practicing a range of skills all day Saturday, and until 1600 on Sunday.


Content varies to a degree depending on the season and natural resources available but includes:

• Selecting a Bushcraft knife
• Safe knife use
• Knife maintenance
• Siting your fire
• Tinder choice and preparation
• Kindling and main fuel selection
• 3 techniques for fire lighting including fire from spark.
• Fire from one match, every time.
• Fire lays and fire management
• Leaving no trace
• Finding water & water purification methods
• Natural and man-made shelters (tarps and hammocks)
• Camp craft
• Cooking on an open fire
• Plant and Tree Identification
• Wild Food

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"Just had my first Bushcraft & Survival weekend on 24-26th sep with Graham and the course did really exceed my expectations. Graham is a great teacher, with a wealth of knowledge, very patient and his enthusiasm shows whilst he is teaching the lessons. I was very new to camping and wasn't so confident but after this weekend course my confidence has really grown and I've learned a lot of useful skills. I would highly recommend going on one of these courses."

Bushcraft Survival Weekend Fire Lighting
Bushcraft and Survival weekend camping


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